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Welcome to the El Paso Coalition for the Homeless!

Through collaboration and coordination of efforts and an effective balance of programs, El Paso’s Continuum of Care will meet the diverse needs of persons at risk of becoming homeless, homeless individuals and families who can transition to a return to self-sufficiency, and those homeless who are no longer able to be totally independent.


Mission:  The El Paso Coalition for the Homeless is a membership-driven alliance dedicated to securing appropriate housing and services for persons who are homeless through advocacy, resources and innovation.


September 14th and 20th HUD Start Up Conference Material

1 Welcome and Introductions and Agenda – Fort Worth Final

2 Eligible Participants – Cece Final

3 Eligible Costs – Cece FINAL

4 Eligible Costs-Leasing – Ellen

5 Eligible Costs-Rental Assistance and RRH – ellen

6 Matching Requirements -Ellen FINAL

7 Financial Management – Gail FINAL

8 TICH Overview and Role – TICH FINAL

9 Grant and Project Changes – Bob FINAL

10 Recordkeeping Requirements – Bob Final

11 Reporting -Bob FINAL

12 Monitoring and Technical Assistance -Cece FINAL

13 Conflict of Interest-Ellen FINAL

14 General Operations-Termination-Other – Cece FINAL

15 Closing Remarks – FINAL


Homeless in El Paso
Children will sleep in a local shelter tonight

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aso Homeless