El Paso Coalition for the Homeless 

The El Paso Coalition for the Homeless is the lead agency for the El Paso Continuum of Care (CoC).  It is a Texas non-profit corporation that serves as a coordinating entity for numerous agencies and individuals who provide housing, services, and support to those experiencing homelessness, including social services, members of the faith community, local business and community agencies, state, federal and local governmental entities, and members of the general public.  The objective of the Coalition is to collaborate with these organizations and individuals to create a system that more efficiently and effectively provides services, support, and housing to all El Paso’s homeless. At the forefront of this objective is a focus on moving those who are experiencing homelessness into permanent housing.

The Coalition serves as the backbone organization for the El Paso CoC and supports agencies that serve those experiencing homelessness through research, project management, training, and technical assistance.  The Coalition also designs and implements pilot programs and other innovative projects in alignment with its guiding principles.  The ultimate goal of the Coalition is a system that strives to assist these populations and providers and, therefore, achieves reduction in new instances of and returns to homelessness, while mitigating the length of those who still may experience it.  The Coalition places an emphasis through multiple initiatives and research on meeting the various needs of the sub-populations, as well, including, but not limited to unaccompanied youth, veterans, chronically homeless and families with children.


National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week!



“Service providers from the homeless and hunger community join together, with support from The County of El Paso, to declare November 10-18, 2018 as National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week!”


Welcome to the El Paso Coalition for the Homeless!

Through collaboration and coordination of efforts and an effective balance of programs, El Paso’s Continuum of Care will meet the diverse needs of persons at risk of becoming homeless, homeless individuals and families who can transition to a return to self-sufficiency, and those homeless who are no longer able to be totally independent.   Mission:  The El Paso Coalition for the Homeless is a membership-driven alliance dedicated to securing appropriate housing and services for persons who are homeless through advocacy, resources and innovation.


Homeless in El Paso
Homeless Children will be sleeping in shelters