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The El Paso Coalition for the Homeless was founded in 1992 as a means of bringing together local service providers to address the issues of homelessness in El Paso. Today the Coalition is a driving force in insuring that the needs of the homeless are being met so that homelessness in El Paso becomes rare and brief.

One of the first accomplishments of the Coalition members was to develop a one-stop social service center to assist the homeless in accessing services .
Working in partnership with El Paso Community College , the Coalition established the Occupational Opportunity Center for the Homeless .

Soon funding was secured through the City of El Paso – Community Development Block Grant to purchase and renovate property located at 1208 Myrtle Avenue.This three-story structure became known as the Day Resource Center, a gathering place for the homeless during the day to access services and seek refuge during the daytime hours.With further contributions and volunteer labor from faith groups and the community, the facility soon expanded to include the area’s primary winter night shelter for homeless men and women.

The Coalition began actively serving as a coordinating entity for the effort of over 70 members that included social services, governmental, business, faith, and community entities as well as concerned individuals.It became the responsibility of the Coalition to serve as the voice of the Members in developing the community’s response to homelessness.In the Coalition formed a non-profit corporation, with Members paying nominal dues and electing a Board of Directors.

Great progress came when the Coalition began to secure federal funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through its Continuum of Care funding process.Acting as the lead entity for this community-wide planning process and consolidated funding application to HUD, the Coalition developed several community-wide projects to address gaps in services, such as transportation and supportive services.Member agencies were also able to develop programs for transitional housing, supportive housing for the mentally ill, Single Room Occupancy permanent housing, childcare, and medical care.

In 2002 Coalition Members voted to separate the Coalition as the operator of the Day Resource Center, transportation and other programs from the Coalition as the umbrella organization for all service-providers and homeless advocates and instead make two distinct organizations.The Opportunity Center for the Homeless continued as the program-based entity under the original non-profit designation and a new 501(c)(3) organization was created for the umbrella organization, now known as the El Paso Coalition for the Homeless.

Today the El Paso Coalition for the Homeless is a strong independent non-profit corporation, led by its Members, Board of Directors and a staff of four persons.With funding from Members, HUD, CDBG and private foundations and entities, the Coalition continues to serve as the lead entity for the HUD Continuum of Care process and as the point of contact for the community about the homeless.