The Coalition and the Opportunity Center used to be part of the same organization, but now are independent.
The Opportunity Center provides direct shelter and services to the homeless,
while the Coalition provides planning and coordination for organizations that serve the homeless.

No. Most of El Paso’s homeless population are not immigrants or transients.
50% have been here for over 5 years and 65% have English as their primary language.

Emergency shelters can be crowded and noisy.
Many homeless persons with mental illness, post-traumatic stress disorder,
or other trauma are afraid or uncomfortable staying in groups or in shelters.
They are more comfortable staying in desert camps or an out of the way corner in the city.

Many members of the Coalition receive CDBG funding and Emergency
Solutions Grant funding through the City to provide shelter or services to the homeless.
Neither the City nor the County directly fund homeless programs.

The Coalition receives a planning grant from Community
Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding administered through the City.

No. The Coalition does not make grants; however, it does
coordinate the process for organizations that apply in a consolidated
application to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for federal funding.
The Coalition also assists organizations in seeking other grants and funding.

No. A list of shelters and programs is on this website.
You should contact the shelter directly.
No referral is required.